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10 signs that say your a Welsh Mam…

Growing up i never really thought much about how my mother (“our mam”) was as a parent, but now i am one myself i realise what parts of my parenting are Welsh!

I decided to put a light hearted blog post together just to highlight what i remember as a child. Which living in England for the last 9 years, i now realise are Welshie. I have also had many a moment where i’ve noticed i have done things and realised its my mother coming through me!
(omg i sound like our mam!!!)

1.Most Welsh mothers are called MAM
This is what you will here more than mum or mummy in Wales and it brings a smile to me face when i do hear it.

2.When a welsh mam is mad you will hear her from miles away because she will be “absolutely tampin!” Which to non Welshies means she is fuming. You won’t hear the end of it either, she will go off like a bottle of pop and make sure every man and his dogs knows she is’nt happy about what ever it is!

3.If you were ever cocky to your mother she would tell you quite sternly “don’t be chopsy mind!” and you knew not to push her too far or else!! I haven’t actually heard this word for a while, it could be because i don’t live in Wales now (sob sob)
Chopsy means rude or cheeky.

4.A Welsh mam will defend her kids to her last breath. Her force is one to be reckoned with and she won’t have anyone say anything bad against her kids.

5.To school her kids will be sent with “dappers” or “daps” for PE shoes not Plimsoles. What even are plimsoles (she says in a posh voice)

6.And when one of the kids have been unwell she will say…”The kids have been awful bard” because “bard” means unwell in wales and my mother uses it ALOT!!

7.And when the kids have been awful bard they will need a Cwtch… Not a hug or a cuddle a bloody CWTCH! If your not Welsh – i forgive you for never having a Cwtch but it is 10 times better than a hug.
“Aww come yur love give us a Cwtch!”

8.Never ever cross a Welsh mam. I touched on her force to be reckoned with on point 4. but i now need to emphasis – crossing a Welsh mam wont end well for you my friend. Her look alone could kill you, her gritted teeth and non negotiable attitude is not to be underestimated.

9.When she asks you to “come yur a minute” – yur means here but confusingly can also mean ear or year! …I am totally guilty of this

10.And there is a high chance a reply to her asking someone to do something will be: “i’ll do it now in a minute”
It might get done eventually but it wont be done straight away!

I am proud to be Welsh and glad i have little parts of my upbringing in my parenting to pass on my heritage to my boys. #mamandfam

There are undoubtedly more things only us Welsh Mam’s do and if you think of any please drop me a line.

Jay Xx

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