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Upcycling TV Unit

When I was pregnant my mum offered me a 9 drawer solid wood chest of drawers.
As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it to be my TV Unit but had little time and space to upcycle it how I wanted it.

This is how it looked Before!

In my moment of madness when the baby was only a newborn I wanted (and felt i needed to) upcycle the TV unit because my TV was looking stupid on a chest of drawers!

My husband helped me. At the time I thought it might be easier to spray it (it wasn’t!) and I bought spray white primer and chalk cupboard paint – Plastikote Vintage White, Dark Hessian and Plastikote Clear Sealer.
*Firstly I removed all the drawers and all the handles off the drawers.
*The top three small drawers we decided not to put back in, as this is where we wanted our TV box to go.
*Then I sanded any nicks, bumps or rough edges.
*I then cleaned it all before priming. We primed the unit and drawers with the White spray primer, this prevented me having to sand it all.
*I left this overnight for the primer to dry and we started to spray paint with the colours the next day. We preferred the Hessian colour and used this on the sides and front of the unit and three of the drawers. We then used the cream on the top of the unit and the other three drawers.
*We used two coats and once they were both dry (we left it to fully dry overnight) we then used a clear sealer spray.
– The Cream colour came out spluttery at first and left “lumps” on the wood.
I have to say My husband had a better spray angle than me, which helped to prevent this.
However, the Dark Hessian came out like a dream!

*We waited another 24 hours and sealed again.
Don’t spray sealer too close, as it can leave “wet” looking marks!
*My husband cut a hole in the back near where the TV box will go for all the wires/plugs to come through.
*Before putting it all back together, I bought some oak style ply to put in where the top three drawers were to hold the TV box on and nailed this into place.
*I gave the handles a good clean and popped them back on and it was complete!

I absolutely love it and how unique it is!!

Success on Turning a Chest of Drawers into a TV Unit.

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