Family Life

The happy little things in life.

It could be hearing rain fall on a cosy winter night in, cwtching (hugging) your kids because you can or even mopping the kitchen floor!
Whatever floats your boat… We all have little things in life that keep us happy. I have plenty!!
I love cleaning the house, although I don’t get to do it as much as my soul longs for me to!
I love playing with my boys on a PJ day, watching movies and not having a care in the world!
I love the fridge full and having easy choices for meal times when I’m extremely busy with multiple things in my “to do” lists ….yep LISTS!!
I love the way my husband looks at me, he is a man with simple routines and not a man of many words. I constantly have to read between the lines and remind him of his inner humour but I watch the way he looks at me. It speaks more than the words he has ever told me… This is one of my simple happy moments in life that I can forget far too often!!

I love seeing my boys smile, momentarily in a flash of happiness, during a bout of full blown excitement or even just when they greet me when I see their faces again.
These are the little things in life, cleanliness, food and most importantly family! These little moments and routines keep you happy in your days…even your darkest days!!
Remember never to allow that to stop!

Kids don’t need all fancy things in life (they might like it…but they don’t need it) I have many reality checks when my boys enjoy the box more than the gift or the paper more than the box. I have noticed more and more they like to use our recycling to make new toys rather than play with their existing toys. Our eldest has about 5 different spiderman figures, multiple toy story toys, more cars and trains than cooked dinners and every kind of book you can think of. Yet he rummages through the recycling picking out bottles that he says will make “the best rocket ever mummy!” and recently he spotted two large cat food boxes “lets make a car garage mummy!”
He told me exactly what he wanted to do, asked me to use the marker to draw the lines so he didn’t mark the carpet and voila he has played with it on and off for a week.

Kids innocence should be the number one thing that opens our eyes and allows us to enjoy the simple things in life.
Tell us your simple happy moments…

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