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Egg Carton Turtle

As a mum of two boys I really enjoy craft activities, however, my sons have short attention spans. Quick little crafts that capture their full attention for no more than 20 minutes are best in this house!

This is one of those quick easy crafts and the items can usually be found around the house.
Plus they are super cute!!

Cute Turtle Craft

What you will Need:

  • Cardboard Egg Carton
  • Paints – we used green
  • Pom Poms – medium or large
  • Googly eyes
  • Card or Paper
  • Glue – we used PVA
  • Scissors (child friendly or adults can do this bit!) and of course paint brushes

How to make them:

  • Firstly cut the bottom of the egg carton to use just one egg cup.
  • Put the egg cup upside down and paint it your colour of choice
  • Cut a piece of paper into the shape for the legs and tail of the Turtle – see picture for reference. Painting the paper is optional, we used different coloured paper so decided to paint ours green.
  • Once the egg cup is dry glue the paper onto the bottom of the egg cup
  • Now glue on your pom pom
  • Glue the Googly eyes onto the pom pom

Now you have your very own cute Turtle!

There are many different animals you can make with your egg cartons, please share yours with us!

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