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Ugly Bug Ball Costume

Homemade Child’s Butterfly costume for The Ugly Bug Ball

We all get those last minute school letters “We have decided It is Dress Up day this Friday”
Just when you think you had it all organised all year with the World Book Day costume and BAM then the end of year day turns into a dress up day!

So this happened last summer and it was either always a dress up day and I didn’t read it properly or it was announced officially the week before? Anyway, I wasn’t too sure on what to do for an Ugly Bug costume but my son was adamant he was going to be a butterfly.

I wanted to make him a lovely butterfly outfit but make it unisex and I was working along the lines of The Hungry Caterpillar.

Here is how I made it:

*Cut cardboard into wings (not in the correct Hungry Caterpillar shape I know and I had this idea to paint one side and stick coloured paper on the other side, giving a different look from the front and the back)
*For the paper side I used plain blue wrapping paper as the base and cut different coloured paper into shapes that were in the style of The Hungry Caterpillar.
*I used an image of The Hungry Caterpillar for reference on both sides, copying different shapes and colours.
*Once completed on both sides I used blue shiny pipe cleaners and attached them to each top corner of the wings and curled them.
*To add to his costume I made a mask. I bought some cheap plain cardboard masks from Hobby Craft.
*I painted the mask red with green and yellow around the eyes.
*I attached red shiny pipe cleaners to the top of the mask and curled them.

*Lastly I attached elastic string to the wings, to go over my sons arms to wear them and elastic string to the mask for him to put around his head.

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