Crafty Makes

Teacher Thank You Gift

If like me, you want to give a Teacher a Thank You Gift that has a bit of homemade element and your little one would like to be involved, then this is one little idea you may like!

These little beauties were so easy to put together.
We found some cute little plants in our local supermarket and found some small plant pots a similar size. I don’t think the image shows how small and cute these were.

When home our eldest painted the plant pots by himself. Yep it looks like lines and scribbles to you and I, but this was his representation of leaves, plants and trees!

*I cut out of card two circle shapes and two flower shapes.
*I wrote on the circle card “Thank you for Helping me Grow!” and stuck the circles in the middle of the flower shaped card.
*I then stuck these onto wooden skewers (those thin BBQ type ones) and put them into the flowers.
*Finally we placed the flowers into the plant pots.
*I then realised we had to put them into something in order to give them to the teachers.
In the attic I keep most gift bags (I like recycling these!) We had a few wine bottle gift bags.
I chose two and cut them down to size.
*To do this I unfolded the bottom and cut them to the size we wanted (allowing some extra for re-folding the bottom) Copying the original way the bottom was folded, I re-folded them and stuck them down, as neat as I could.
*Finally we stuck on a self adhesive letter for each teachers name.

This is how they looked when given to the Teachers.
We really enjoyed making these and how cute they looked!

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